Finding the best help on the northern beaches for rehabilitation

Do you wish you knew who to get help from?

Do you need help now?

We want to help you on your path to recovery. So many times you might have gone to start your path to recovery and not started, not had the help you needed or simply couldnt find the help you needed.

Drug and alcohol counselling/services can be extremely tiring and the process can be a hard process for all involved including treating practitioners.


Who is the right practitioner for me?

This can definatly be a challenging process to find the right match sometimes you might need to see several people before actually finding the right practitioner. If you don’t at first find the right practitioner for you do not dispear this is a normal process and is more common than one might tghink. The right thing to do is speak to your psychologist and be open and ask for a refferal to someone else. It is part of therapy being open and honest with your therapist. This is actually so common that a therapist will not take this personaly as one might think. Rather they will be honest and recommend you someone they know that might be a better match.

How much does a psychologist cost?

Every psychologist has there own pricing structure and this can vary depending on each individual.

What if i cant afford a psychologist?

If you are in financial hardship please let us know and we will provide a list of suitable practitioners that bulk bill a certain ammount of there cliental. We believe therapy is for everyone and we will try our hardest to help you find a quality practitioner that will see you at reduced rates.