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Which rehabilitation program or psychologist is best for you?

Therapy- seeing a local therapist or psychologist can definatly improve the likely hood of recovery and people with addiction issues can and do get better just by seeing there local psychologist or counselor. However in some cases extra help is needed and a rehabilitation program is necessary. We specialise in finding the right program for you or a loved one.

Are you and your family suffering?

We are a directory that is a free service dedicated to helping you find the best option for your needs.

Psychologist, counselor or rehabilitation PNB

A psychologist definatly can help and finding the right psycholoist that specialises in only addictions is your best chance at recovery. This can be a hard task as many psychologists list they do work with addictions where in fact they do not specialise in this area. A psychologist is also able to give you a receipt in which you can claim for medicare. Please contact us so we can provide you a list of practitioners who we know only specialise in this area.

A counselor is very similar but has no medicare re-bate, often a counselor will have more talk therapy training.

Rehabilitation-is a place where you can detox with proffessional help it is advised in many substance addiction cases that a medicaly monitored detox be undergone. Detoxing for some can be a dangerous process and the help of a medical team may be encouraged, Northernbeachespsychology is a great place to contact for information

More often than not the familys of addicts are traumatised from there loved ones addiction. We also provide a list of family therapists that can support you while your loved one is in rehabilitation. This can be an extremely powerful aid in keeping familys together. It is important that you change as well while your loved one is recovering.

We are a totaly free service dedicated to reducing the impact of addictions we understand the sufferring and worry and we want to help you and your family get the best help available in Sydney.

We are located on the northern beaches but also service all of Australia. If you are looking for help in anyway please reach out to us we are annonymous and your contact will be 100% confidential. We are genuinly here to help with any concern or addiction issue you might have.

If your in an emergency please call 000 or contact your nearest hospital.

Addictions can be treated, there is hope and you can get well. For any and all info please click on a hyper link on the page to get information.

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If seeing a therapist and getting yourself into rehabilitation or therapy is of value please contact us. We are happy to answer all question and realise that entering therapy or rehabilitation can be a scary process. There is no need to fear we are here to help.

How many psychologists do you have on the northern beaches?

Our list is large and it can often depend on wait times once a therapist is full one month advanced we take them of the list till there waiting list has shortened.

If you are extremely fearful of making contact there are plent of support services such as beyond blue black dog and many others. There will always be someone you can talk to if your serious about changing your life. There is also an option to email us and we will have a therapist or psychologist contact you back and give you the correct information you may need to enter therapy. For any other mental health issues please contact your local GP we specialise and treat only addictions. If you need a refferal to a local GP please use the yellow pages online.